11 things about Tatijana

1. I am bi-lingual, Croatian was my first language
2. A firm believer in "A spoon of ice cream a day keeps the doctor away"
3. Always on the lookout for textured table tops and cool props
4. I love cooking and all things related to food
5. I am a 'let's take all the groceries in one trip' type of gal
6. Sometimes I like plain and simple, other times I like bright and bold!
7. I am always striving for the next level and eager for new things to come
8 I am very observant and ask lots of questions
9. My iPad has one too many sketches of compositions I draw out of my ideas 
10. I love my family and friends
11. That feeling of being completely and utterly inspired is what keeps me going 

BFA - Art Center College of Design, Spring 2016